We've teamed up with Chemitox Inc. in Japan

We have a new partner in Japan, Chemitox Inc.
Chemitox is an independent testing laboratory which provides the following services
  • Processing and Compliance services
  • UL CAP evaluation
  • PWB reliability evaluation
  • Photovoltaic evaluation
  • and other services like, product safety tests, weathering tests, ROHS environmental analysis
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  • New UV-Radiation Simulation Chamber

    Another new test chamber for simulating UV radiation has recently been put into service to complement our wide range of lab services:
    With a radiation of 100 to 250 W/m2 within a wave length area of 300 nm to 400 nm and controlled temperature and humidity conditions, the new test chamber is well suited to run an accelerated weather (light) resistance test as described in the Toyota Engineering Standard TSM0501G.

  • Validation in the First Place !

    Noxious Gas Test
    Our range of test chambers is constantly being complemented:
    A new chamber for noxious gas tests is about to be put into service. This new test chamber is not only suited to run corrosion tests with flowing gas mixtures (IEC 60068-2-60, 60068-2-42 und 60068-2-43) but also tests with static gases as per UL 50, UL 1332 and the Kesternich test.

    In order to fulfill the requirements as per ISO 17025 as well as our own quality standards, the processes are validated before the execution of the first test.
    The photo shows the verification of a homogeneous distribution of the chamber temperatures by means of a 9-point-measuring set-up.

Environmental simulations and analytics

TechnoLab Gesellschaft für Elektronikindustrieservice mbH was founded in 1996 as a spin-off from a medium-sized telecommunications company. As graduate engineers and company managers the founding members formed and still are the sound basis for the company‘s activities as a test house and laboratory with a steadily growing number of highly qualified staff.
  • we offer high-quality services - from consulting to the execution of tests
  • we carry out standard environmental simulations as well as especially designed tests

Energiewende 180°

TechnoLab supports the initiative Energiewende 180°

The DKE has started the initiative Energiewende 180° and offers companies and institutions a forum for their various innovations which focus on the energy transition.
TechnoLab supports this initiative as a partner