BGA.Inspector, endoscopical video microscope
BGA.Inspector, degrees of freedom
BGA.Inspector, rotatable XY-table
BGA.Inspector, endoscope with light
BGA.Inspector, lighting control
BGA.Inspector, magnetic table with specimen holder
BGA.Inspector, magnetic table
BGA.Inspector, specimen lighting
BGA.Inspector, endoscope holder
BGA.Inspector, XY table with fine adjustment
BGA.Inspector, rotatable XY table with brake
The endoscopic inspection system BGA.Inspector permits a comfortable examination of electronic components, from BGAs to flip-chips

The BGA.Inspector is a comfortable, easy-to-assemble system with XY-table and specimen holder which permits a fast and efficient positioning and inspection. Different available camera types allow to choose between different resolutions. The widely adjustable high-power LEDs provide exact illumination of the inspection field. Locking brakes reduce the movement of the XY-table to one direction, if desired.


Software IMXpro

  • system can be upgraded
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • for inspections of electronic parts, from BGAs to Flip-Chips with stand-off < 80Ám
  • EBP for ESD protection
  • different cameras with different resolutions available
  • magnification up to 450x (on 24" monitor)
  • optics easily exchangeable
  • endoscope pivotable independently from additional light source
  • encapsulated prism system
  • prism protection system (reduces risk of damage)
  • USB connection
  • modular high-power LEDs
  • light source with 30.000h working life
  • seperate front and back light control
  • rotary back light adjustable with 2 degrees of freedom
  • remote control of front and back light as well as specimen illumination
  • XY-table with fine adjustment and locking brakes
  • rotary magnetic table with specimen holder
  • BASIC Version (included)
  • image storing in various formats
  • function for measurements in still and live images
  Expansion modules
  • Image merging
  • 3D model generation from several images
  • video recording
  • live streaming (LAN or internet)
  • Professional + Database Version: project and image administration, defect image database, statistics functions, report generator, back-up function, user rights administration

Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxLxH) 616mm x 360mm x 337mm
Weight 19700g
Protection class 3 DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1
ESD-protection Bonding point
Ambient temperature max. 45°C
Supply voltage 12V DC
Power input 2,5 A max.
Pivoting range of camera head  0° +/- 15°
Traverse path of XY table X: 230mm Y: 230mm
Traverse path Z-axis  60mm
Moving mechanism XY-cross table with fine adjustment
Camera 1-Chip CCD with dig. signal processor
Colour depth 24 bit RGB
Connection USB 2.0
Magnification 450x (on 19" monitor)
Front- and back light High-power LED white, separately controllable
Object illumination High-power LED white
System requirements  
Image resolution at least camera resolution
Processor 2,5 GHz Core2Duo or better
Graphics card min. DX9 compatible
Operating system Windows XP or Windows 7 (32bit)