EasyInspector, tiltable video microscope
EasyInspector, degrees of freedom
EasyInspector, videomicroscope with Full-HD resolution
EasyInspector, component video connections
EasyInspector, connectors
EasyInspector with LED ringlight
EasyInspector, remote control
EasyInspector, turn- and movable magnetic plate
EasyInspector, backside
EasyInspector, camera head with ringlight and laser pointer
The EasyInspector is a fully self-sustaining system for the visual inspection and consists of a high-resolution CCD-autofocus camera and a TFT screen.

The system is available as EasyInspector 10 with 10x optical zoom and as EasyInspector 20 with 20x optical zoom.
As of now, the EasyInspector is also available with a 30x optical zoom
One of its assets is that the user carries out the inspections in ergonomic working conditions. He looks straight at the inspection objects on the screen and can thus always keep his upright posture; and it is also possible for several persons to look at the inspected object at the same time, e.g. to discuss abnormalities.

Another advantage is the autofocus sensor which makes focusing superflouos: the user simply zooms in or out; the viewing area always keeps in focus. The top plate rotates exactly around the optical axis and facilitates viewing the objects from different directions.
The camera can be tilted steplessly between 0° and 45°.
The LED ring light fitted at the camera provides the optimal illumination of the objects. On a respective screen the HD system shows the images in full HD resolution, i.e. with 30fps and 2 million pixels. When used with a suitable framegrabber supporting this format, the images can also be saved with the IMXpro software.


can be upgraded with:

  • compact design, small dimensions, lightweight
  • easy handling
  • ergonomic working position
  • patent pending for positioning system
  • inspection objects always in rotational center
  • HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • large working distance
  • camera tiltable 0° - 45°
  • illumination included
  • up 155x magnification (on 24" monitor)
  • up to 30x optical zoom (depending on variant)
  • autofocus
  • remote control
  • self-sustaining system
  • polarisation filter
  • UV-ring light
  • frame grabber for PC
  • software IMXpro
  • PC-independant image storage solution
  • X/Y-table


Ergonomic advantages:

  • prototyping, manual rework, micro-assembly and inspection in: automotive industry, aviation and medical engineering, mechanical workshops, etc.
  • quality assurance, production, defect analysis, etc.
  • for universal use in: electronics industry, mechanical engineering, textile and paper industry, forensic pathology, etc.
  • relaxed working position thanks to upright posture
  • unlimited freedom of head movements
  • straight view prevents strain on eyes
  • images with strong depth of field help take strain from eyes
  • hygienic through contact-free use
  • no handling disadvantages for spectacle wearers
  • remote control relieves strain on hands
  • easy handling thanks to remote control

Technical details

Dimensions (WxLxH) 300mm x 477mm x 381mm
Degree of protection IP40
Weight 9000g
Protection class 3 DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1
Ambient temperature max. 45°C
Supply voltage 12V DC
power input 1.5 A max.
Connection YPbPr (HDTV), RS232
Camera tilting range 0° - 45°
Camera technology  1-Chip CCD with digital signal processor
Horizontal resolution (TV lines) 1080
Camera resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Colour depth 24bit RGB
Video signal YPbPr (FullHD 1080i)
Magnification approx. 155x on 24" monitor
Zoom factor 10x, 20x or 30x optical (depending on variant) and 12x digital
Focal distance (standard) min. focus range 40mm focus distance 160 +/- 20mm