FlyInspector, video microscope on a self-balancing arm
FlyInspector, degrees of freedom
Camera head with ringlight and brightness control
660° swivel-joint
FlyInspector, video microscope with Full-HD resolution
FlyInspector, maximum working distance
FlyInspector, minimum working distance
FlyInspector, connections
The FlyInspector is a PC-independant system for the optical inspection and consists of a high-resolution CCD auto focus camera mounted on a self-balancing arm.

The system is available as FlyInspector 10 with 10x optical zoom and as FlyInspector 20 with 20x optical zoom.
As of now, the FlyInspector is also available with a 30x optical zoom

The user’s eyes do not risk overstraining any more, because he looks at the inspection objects on a large screen instead of constantly peeping through an ocular. The screen may be installed above or by the side of the working field and delivers an excellent image with its 24 mio. colors.
The autofocus sensor makes focusing superfluous; the user simply zooms in or out.
Thanks to the double radius and the ball-and-socket-joint at the camera, objects can be inspected from various sides and angles. The LED ring light mounted at the camera head provides optimal illumination of the objects.
The FlyInspector is the ideal tool for the optical inspection in any field of application.
The FlyInspector HD shows images in full HD resolution with 30fps and 2 million pixels on a respective screen. When used with a suitable framegrabber supporting this format, the images can be saved with the IMXpro software.
The IMXpro software developed by TechnoLab permits saving, editing and measuring images on a PC or notebook. As an option, images can also be stored directly on a USB stick without using a PC.


can be upgraded with:

  • self-sustaining system, PC-independent
  • compact design, small dimensions, lightweight
  • easy handling
  • ergonomic working posture
  • positioning system with patent pending
  • large working distance
  • laser pointer for distance measurement / focusing
  • autofocus camera with multiple positioning angles
  • magnification of up to 155x (on 24" monitor), up to 30x zoom (depending on variant)
  • self-balancing arm remains in any position chosen without the need of a locking brake
  • illumination and laser pointer included
  • remote control
  • for use with high-resolution TFT displays
  • HD resolution with 1920x1080 pixels
  • Polarisation filter
  • UV ring light
  • Framegrabber for PC (PCIe x1)
  • PC-independant image storage box
  • Software


Ergonomic advantages

  • prototyping, manual rework, micro-assembly and inspection in automotive industry, aviation and medical engineering, mechanical workshops, etc.
  • quality assurance, production, defect analysis, etc.
  • for universal use in: electronics industry, mechanical engineering, textile and paper industry, forensic pathology, etc.
  • relaxed working position thanks to upright posture
  • unlimited freedom of head movements
  • straight view prevents strain on eyes
  • images with strong depth of ?eld help take strain from eyes
  • hygienic through contact-free use
  • no handling disadvantages for spectacle wearers
  • remote control relieves strain on hands
  • easy handling of FlyInspector with remote control

Technical details

Degree of protection IP40
Weight 11500g
Protection class 3 DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1
Ambient temperature max. 45°C
Supply voltage 12V= (power supply included)
Power input 1500mA max.
Connection YPbPr, RS232
Camera 1-Chip CCD with digital signal processor
Horizontal resolution (lines TV) 1080
Camera resolution 1920 x 1080
Colour depth 24bit RGB
Video signal YPbPr (FullHD 1080i)
Magnification up to 155x on 24" monitor
Zoom factor 10x, 20x or 30x optical (depending on variant) and 12x digital
Working distance depends on lens, standard 20mm - 150mm