Environmental simulations

Environmental simulations encompass tests which examine the interdependency between the object and its surroundings. Complex cross-linked effect chains will be exemplary structured and causal connections analysed in a holistic observation.

During environmental simulations, products or parts to be produced need to withstand strains that conform to real conditions. Depending on the protection class, we test for all chemical, biological, physical or other influences as IP-protection classes, temperature changes / -shock, corrosion resistance or lightfastness. The test samples undergo an accelerated ageing process, to make possible damages visible or to uncover construction faults right before serial production. Exactly defined tests (e.g. according to DIN, ISO, EN, ASTM International) simulate relevant environmental influences and test components, material, electronic assemblies or complete devices in terms of their resistance.
If your application or other factors of your product don't match an established standard, we create an individual test procedure with you and build the matching chamber.
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We advise you when which test is suitable for you and your product. Which standard is relevant for your application ?

We create an extensive test plan for you. If we don't have the matching test equipment, we will build it for you.

Regardless if you witness the test or not, our qualified test engineers take care of you before, during and after the test.

☑ Our services adapt to your product
☑ Engineering for you - we construct your test chamber
☑ Witness the test - you are welcome at our premises


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We offer the following environmental simulations in our test laboratory in Berlin

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