Hail Impact

Environmental simulation
Test procedure

The hail impact test equipment developed by TechnoLab reflects the real field load which the mostly technical products (panes, dormer windows, metal sheets in the automotive industry, solar panels, roof structures, aviation vehicles, etc.) are exposed to during field operation.

The test hailstones which have a particularly great resemblance to natural hailstones are especially produced for the test application. They are accelerated by means of pressurized air and shot against the DUT (device under test). Various rules and regulations describe the respective test parameters depending on the field of industry.

The velocity can vary between 40m/s and 260m/s. The test setup is adaptable to the field conditions (e.g. impact angle).

The classification of the DUT determines the required impact energy which depends on the impact velocity and the diameter of the ice ball.

Possible diameters:

10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 75mm
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Category: H1 to H3
Hailstone sizes: 10mm to 75mm
Velocity: 40m/s up to 260m/s
(depending on hailstone size)
Test chamber size: 950mm x 950mm x 700mm (WxHxD)
Bigger test samples/hailstone sizes on request
Hail impact

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  • ASTM E822

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Additionally, we offer gravel bombardment tests according to the following standards:

  • NISSAN 28401NDS01_11 MS/09 resp. 1428 (Renault)

    Basic Physicochemical Environmental Specifications of Electronic Parts
  • DIN EN ISO 20567-1

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  • Volvo Chip Standard STD 1024,7132

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  • VW80000 M-02

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