List of abbreviations

This list explains the abbreviations used on this site and when working with electronic components.

HMD or THD through-hole assembly
SMT surface mount assembly
PCB Printed Circuit Board
BE component

µBGA Micro Ball Grid Array SMT
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit BE
BGA Ball Grid Array SMT
C-Flat Pack Ceramic Flat Pack SMT
C-LCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier SMT
CMC Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor SMT
COB Chip on Board SMT
C-PGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array HMT/THD
CSP Chip Scale Package -
DIP Dual Inline Package HMT/THD
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory BE
FC Flip Chip SMT
FCIP Flip Chip in Package -
FCOB Flip Chip on Board SMT
FPC Flexible Printed Circuit PCB
LB Lead Bonding -
LF Lead Frame -
OSC Odd Shaped Component BE
MCM Multi Chip Module SMT
MID Molded Interconnection Device PCB
RCC Resin Coated Copper PCB
PCB Printed Circuit Board PCB
P-LCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier SMT
P-QFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack SMT
P-SO Plastic Small Outline SMT
P-TSOP Plastic Thin Small Outline Package SMT
SIP Single Inline Package HMT/THD
SMD Surface Mount Device SMT
SMT Surface Mount Technology SMT
SO Small Outline SMT
SOD Small Outline Diode SMT
SOJ Small Outline J-Lead SMT
SOT Small Outline Transistor SMT
SSOP Shrink Small Outline Package SMT
TAB Tape Automated Bonding SMT
TCP Tape Carrier Package SMT
THP Through Hole Package HMT/THD
THT Through Hole Technology HMT/HMD
TO Transistor Outline BE
TSOP II Thin Small Outline Package, Typ II SMT
UTSOP Ultra Thin Small Outline Package SMT
ZIP Zigzag Inline Package HMT/THD
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