PCB production

Its influence on quality and efficiency

Geometrical conditions

  • Quality of PCBs and components
  • certification of the manufacturer
  • transport and handling
  • storage (storage time, first in-first out)
  • quantity management: development of quality strategies for small batches

Logistical edge conditions

  • Reflow: SMD leads touch the solder paste depot on the corresponding pads approx. in the middle of the pads.
  • Wave: SMD leads are over the center of the corresponding pad, stand-off 20...100µm

Process conditions

guaranteeing correct conditions and results for all parts of the process:
  • application of mounting adhesive for SMDs
  • solder paste application
  • pick & place of SMDs

Soldering conditions

  • complete covering of surfaces to be joined with flux
  • sufficient (but yet not damaging) temperature-time-sequence for the two joining partners, harmonised with the flux

Influence of design

Selection of footprints:
  • dimensions of pads
  • free spaces / solder stop
  • minimum distance to neighbours (avoiding bottlenecks)
  • Establishing insulation distances
  • DIN IEC 326 T3, FTZ22 TV2

Material-related conditions

  • Surfaces to be joined: Wetting-prone material and/or coatings, sufficiently resistant against alloy separation
  • Soft solder: the composition required is within the tolerance admittable, the contaminating elements are below the admittable limit
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