Insufficient solder at CMC

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Insufficient solder in accordance with IEC 61191 - 2. The minimum height of the solder, i.e., one fourth of the component height, has not been reached. Moreover the wetting is incomplete over the totel width of the component. Rework is necessary. Observe soldering temperature (≤ 350 °C)

  • wave soldering: bad wettability pad/component
  • wave soldering: shadow effect/ layout design
  • reflow soldering: poor solder paste application

Source: visual, optical inspection - general view
Insufficient solder at a CMC

Borderline case of a reflow soldering joint at a CMC 1206. According to the standards wetting is okay and the requirement that the solder joint has to reach over at least one half of the component's width is fulfilled. Rework is not necessary. It should however be examined why such a shape could come about, whether this is a coincidental or systematic deviation.

  • poor solder paste application
  • wetting problems at the component
  • process fault: tool life of solder paste exceeded

Source: SEM
Insufficient solder at a CMC - borderline case
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