Alignment deficiencies at CMC

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Example of end and side overhang of CMCs. The two examples on the left are acceptable and represent Class A of IEC 61191-2. The two examples on the right are nonconforming.

  • placing faults: teaching, tolerances, systematic faults
  • floating of components during reflow process
  • vibration during soldering

Source: SEM
Alignment faults of CMC

A CMC was placed with its side up. This defect does not impair function and is acceptable according to Class A of said standard. For higher requirements (Class B and C) this defect is not acceptable and has to be reworked.

  • placing fault (incidental)
  • seldom: vibration during transport of assemblies

Source: visual, optical inspection - general view
CMC placed with side up

Twisting of a CMC after wave soldering; same context as described in the main file on deficiencies in component alignment. The component left its place due to insufficient adhesive force. Rework is necessary.

  • poor adhesive application
  • adhesive insufficiently hardened
  • poor soldering parameter

Source: visual, optical inspection - general view
Alignment fault of a CMC - CMC twisted
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