environmental simulations

Environmental Simulations

Environmental simulations include test methods for studying the interaction between an object and its environment. In this process, complex interconnected chains of effects are structured in a model-like manner in a holistic view and causal relationships are analyzed.

In environmental simulations, products or production parts must withstand loads that correspond to possible real conditions. Depending on the type of protection, we test for all chemical-biological, physical or other effects such as IP protection classes, temperature change/shock, corrosion compatibility or lightfastness. The test specimens are subjected to a time-lapse aging process in order to make possible damage visible or to report design errors in good time prior to serial production. Precisely defined tests (e.g. according to DIN, ISO, EN, ASTM International) simulate relevant environmental influences and test components, materials, assemblies or entire devices with regard to their resistance. If the field of application or other factors of your product do not correspond to a common standard, we will create an individual test procedure together with you and build the appropriate chamber.

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