Qualification at TechnoLab

The qualification of printed circuit boards, electronic components and auxiliary materials plays a central role in the electronics industry, where reliability and performance are crucial. These processes ensure that the materials and components used meet the highest quality standards.
Careful qualification of these elements not only ensures compliance with industry standards, but also helps to reduce waste, maximize product life and improve the overall efficiency of electronics manufacturing. Qualification thus forms the foundation for the creation of reliable and innovative electronic products.

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Qualification of printed circuit boards

  • Rule conformity according to IPC-A-600, IEC 61288, e.g. thermal resistance (solder bath, oil bath, sand bath), solderability according to J-STD-003
  • Evaluation of end surfaces (chemical Sn, ENIG, keyword Black Pad), insulation resistance under climatic conditions RIS, tendency to Conductive Anodic Filament CAF
  • Whiskertest according to DIN EN 60068-2-82/JEDEC-JESD 201
  • thermal robustness of the base material
  • Evaluation of the internal structure (inner Layer-Separation, Barrel Crack, Corner Crack)

Qualification of electronic components

  • Solderability according to DIN EN 60068-2-20, 2-58, 2-69, J-STD 002
  • Mechanical load capacity in the Shear Test, Pull Test and Shock Test according to DIN EN 62137
  • Fracture strength of ceramic capacitors according to DIN EN 60068-2-21 Test Ue1 Substrate Bending Test + Burn-in and Voltage Conditioning according to MIL-STD-202
  • Abrasion resistance of connectors
  • Safety of contacting connectors and switches under vibration load, fuse failures, Online measurement during test runs
  • Power supply up to 12 kW (1x60V/100A, 2x60V/50A), high voltage test 5 kV~, 6kV~, max. 100mA
  • Life Cycle-Test, Internal Power Cycling
  • Component measurements R, C, L, XL, XC (Characteristic curve recording), Inductances with DC-Bias
  • Tantal-Elko: Surgetest, Parametertest according to MIL-PRF-55365
  • Whiskertest

Qualification of auxiliary materials

  • SMD adhesive, e.g. hot shear test according to SN 59651 / IPC SM 817
  • chemical resistance of polymers, stress corrosion cracking e.g. according to DIN EN VDI 3822-2.1.7
  • Casting resins, e.g. dielectric strength according to IEC 243
  • Adhesion of adhesive labels
  • Properties of solder pastes, e.g. slumping, corrosion behavior
  • Flux, e.g. thermal resistance, interaction with solder resist