Splash Water Test

Splash water tests and jet water tests are primarily used to determine the tightness of enclosures, capsules or similar units.

Fluids of various compositions can serve as the splash medium, such as demineralized water, drinking water, salt water, antifreeze or suspensions of fine dust and water.

Especially parts from the automotive industry are tested with an air-water temperature shock. This procedure simulates, for example, driving through a puddle in winter, when the part under test has a high temperature due to the surrounding engine and then undergoes immediate cooling by the water. The water is tempered to a temperature of 0 to +4°C, while the part under test has been brought to a high temperature (e.g. +160°C).
Here, effects of alternating expansion are tested on materials, whereby the penetration of water is just as much a part of the test as the function of the device.

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Splash Water Test  Standards

  • BMW GS 95024-3-1
  • ISO 16750-4
  • MBN LV124-2
  • VW 80101
  • VW 80000